The Flab Is Gone, Tips To Drop 10 Pounds Fast

Published: 06th January 2010
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Your flab is gone, tips to drop 10 pounds fast. Losing weight is not always easy. So here are some steps to drop 10 pounds fast. First of all, tell yourself that you are going to drop 10 pounds fast, tell yourself that you have the power and the will to lose weight. It is possible to drop 10 pounds fasts in fact, many people have been able to drop 5 to 10 pounds in just a matter of 5-10 days.

Your first step is going to be walking. Start with walking for five minutes very slow and casual around your block and then pick up the pace little by little until you have reached moderate pace which you are comfortable with. Then stick with that for 30 minutes, do this every day. You can even do it twice a day in order to better your chances of losing weight.

There are many ways to drop 10 pounds fast and some of those ways consists of negative things. So try these tips before thinking irrationally and doing something extremely unhealthy.

Once you have started a walking routine you need to cut the sugars from your natural habits. No more sugar for a week or even two. Stop adding sugar to your coffee or tea, don't have that doughnut in the morning (instead, have a bagel) and also cut sugary sodas out. (nothing but diet)

The third thing you want to think about cutting out when trying to drop 10 pounds fast is carbs. You can limit your carbs to just 100 grams a day which will help your goal. This is only has to happen for a week or two.

Some people have a harder time losing weight than others. Therefore, a vegetable or juice fast may be the answer for you. Sometimes when you use vegetable to do this your body is getting too much fiber so sometimes juice can be your best answer to drop 10 pounds fast.

Diet pills should not be something taken to lose weight although a lot of people take them anyways. Instead think about taking an herbal supplement. A popular one is Chickweed because it can help curb your appetite which in the long run will make you less hungry therefore you will not eat too much. Chlorophyll is another herb that will help a person to lose weight, this herb however helps bowels to start moving which ultimately will help in the weight loss department.

These are healthier tips to drop 10 pounds fast but they are only meant to help with short term effects, they are not meant to last. If you want to lose weight and keep it off a stricter diet and exercise regime should be enforced.

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